The joke of the century in the poker world continues! We’re talking about Full Tilt Poker , the famous poker room or rather ex that because of legal problems has been forced to close its doors and declare bankruptcy in March of last year.

In recent days many rumors circulating on the net about the future of the former poker room. Despite the agreement for the acquisition of FTP by the group Tapie has not yet gone ahead, according to the rumors of speculation it seems there is someone interested in buying your FTP software.

The new investor, buyer or what you call it, is of English origin, according to sources close it seems that he is anxiously awaiting the acquisition of FTP by the Group Tapie. His goal is quite different from that of Group Tapie, has no intention of reopening FTP but to buy only the software for a fee of $ 35 million.

If the purchase goes through, the proceeds will be used to pay debts that the former poker room has built up around this time. That intends to resell the software to various poker rooms? We do not know! We just have to wait for a confirmation or denial.