The casino in the GTA may soon become reality. Meanwhile the green light to expansion of gambling with the possibility for citizens to buy lottery tickets online and at Wal-Mart. This is what tells the plan six years planned to expand the field of betting and gambling. The Liberal government, which this year will incur a deficit of $ 16 billion, has given the green light to the project of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp’s to modernize the sector with an investment of $ 1.3 billion annually.

The company’s goal is to sell lottery tickets online supermarket aisles and equip special invite citizens to challenge the more fortunate as the OLG said the president Paul Godfrey. “The lottery tickets may be sold in the Drug store, multi-lane stores in Wal-Mart and Costcos of the world.” As told by Godfrey, Ontario to modernize the sector linked to gambling: the increasingly fierce competition for sites “semi-clandestine” and the collapse of the revenue from the U.S. that is costing a lot to OLG in terms of revenue. Not to mention that $ 2 billion of these proceeds go to the Province annually.

The new measures instead, bring an extra $ 4.6 billion over the next six years, creating 2,300 jobs in the gambling industry and other 4 thousand for all induced connected to hotels, restaurants, entertainment and sales. “It’s for work, for the modernization of the sector – as we have seen – a strategy that has been programmed in the early 90′s in a world very different from now”, said Finance Minister Dwight Duncan. The OLG has also planned to increase the involvement of private sector partners able to manage the facilities, summarizing the current 4 thousand employees still working for OLG and financing the expansion through the current 27 to 29 in the biennium 2017-2018. Currently, only four – Casinorama, Ceasers Windsor, Niagara Falls and Great Blue Heron – are privately managed.

The goal is to contact the OLG to the private sector for the new casino in the Greater Toronto Area and even in Ottawa, as confirmed by Godfrey. The idea could also lead to the preparation of a temporary structure pending the birth of the permanent. The “Crown corporation” does not fear that the birth of a gambling house in the GTA can damage other structures currently operating. “There may be a reduction – explained Godfrey – This could cause the closure? I do not think so”.