t ‘s time! We finally! The 2012 edition of the Malta Poker Dream begins! The shuffle up and deal will begin at 16, slightly later than the set time.

Players are equipped to begin the adventure about 50 000 tokens, will be played in 8 steps from 60 minutes each in this dayone. During the day there will be the first level withblinds 50 -100! At the tables there are the likes of Marc Bognanni and Mustapha Kanit,Sergio Castelluccio, and Alessia Donato De Bonis, Robert Null and Giampiero Hope.

Appeal are not absent of participants last year including Francis Squillaci and NicolaiD’Antonio. With regard to the foreign other hand, among the numerous PRO there areDamir Horozic and Tapio Sissonen. Only a few hours at the beginning of the great event and promises to be a year full of twists.

Players have already started to take place at the poker tables to begin the long sessions.Who will be the winner of this new edition? A foreigner or an Italian? As soon as we’ll keep you informed about information in the meantime, please stay tuned for all the latest news, updates and online casino games and big events like the Malta Poker Dream,where the dream of a poker pro can become reality!