How many times have you heard of the former poker room Full Tilt Poker and Black Friday? We have followed all the events on Full Tilt Poker event, the day when it was closed until today.

Today we received a news about Chris Ferguson, the well-known Pro Poker has asked to postpone the hearing for a few months precisely for May 14, 2012 in order to decide how to defend themselves against accusations that are leveled against him . Initially, the well known poker pro had decided not to defend the allegations made ​​but apparently changed his mind. He is accused of fraud in gambling and having done away with $ 440 million.

As of April 15 last year, Ferguson has always maintained a low profile, no public appearance, in addition to the declaration of innocence made ​​by his attorney. Chris’s lawyer argued that things between you and the Department of Justice spun great. A few days ago, was released by the court a document containing the following words:

“Chris Ferguson has requested more time to respond to the complaint issued against him … the attorney Preet Bharara has accepted the referral request by Ferguson until May 14, time limit for submitting a formal response to the complaint against him.”

What do you think of this story? Enough about 2 months to the famous player to prove his innocence on the Black Friday event and what happened to the former poker room?

Only time will tell, we just have to wait!