The news that we give today will make happy all the grinders, Glaming Poker has officially announced that there is a new VIP System allows you to accumulate points by playing at various levels.

The New VIP System Glaming Poker is divided into three different types of scores:

Accumulating Glaming Point
Point Glaming monthly
Point Glaming annual

The points are accumulated in this way:

Every hundredth of a rake or fee paid to the cash game tables or the entry of tournaments, you earn a point. Accumulating point during the month you can reach the various levels valid until the last day of the month following. Each level allows to obtain a greater multiplier Glaming Point so as to accumulate them faster to achieve high levels.

If you are a player who spend hours every day Glaming Poker to earn points and be King, this new system could be for you. Remember, the higher the level reached and the best score obtained by the presence of multipliers that will only increase dramatically bringing the score level RE in less time.

At first it may be difficult to level up but with time and with increasing level, things will get better and better as you say, seeing is believing. Try it, even now, the new VIP system that Glaming Poker has reserved for all its users.
But what are these points? The Glaming Points earned, allow you to buy in the store several bonus levels divided by VIP. The offer for those who fail to achieve the level RE provides a bonus of 5 000 euros and a level of rakeback equal to 40% of the net. Those who have had the opportunity to participate in the promotion VIP Just in recent months, will add up your score to that of the new system.