The famous body AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monpoli) strikes again! This time the victims are over 150 sites that have been obscured.

The online platforms have been closed due to violation of some regulations currently in force. The majority of cases, site closure is due to the fact that propose online casino games and poker to name someone without licenses.

Currently blacklisted AAMS there are over 4 000 sites, a number to how awesome that will certainly continue to expand over the coming months. It ‘s only right that the poker room and online casino games online that do not exercise according to the regulations imposed are closed, leaves the safety of users.

Those who do not know, try one of these online sites, there is regulation or rather there are licenses, is a danger to users as they may be subject to fraud and not be covered in this way had the mark, stamp, license or as you define it AAMS is synonymous with safety. Needless to say that playing in a casino or online poker that does not respect the rules is not only safe but is also illegal in most cases.

How are users alerted to say, fine and imprisonment spared!