The initiative is a committee of Nevada, which in February began to collect signatures for a bill: to increase from 6.75% (the lowest in the United States of America) to 9% for state representative sampling casino in Las Vegas. They are called “Nevadans for Fair 9 Percent Gambling Tax Revenue” and have every intention to collect 72,352 signatures by November 13, so that their proposal will be discussed before the next legislature.

Proposal that would raise the levy to which they are subject to the Casino Las Vegas from 6.75% to 9%. Another blow to the city of gambling, which only in recent months was beginning to emerge from a long crisis. A tax increase could reverse the trend again.

It must be said, however, that the tax system for Nevada casinos is very beneficial: it is actually the lowest among all U.S. states where gambling is legal. Just think that in New Jersey the rate is 8%, while in Illinois to climb to 50%. In addition, the new tax, to some third casino in Nevada (170 of 443), since it would apply only to those who bill more than $ 250,000 a month.

“The citizens and small businesses in Nevada must have a high tax regime,” said the promoter, Monte Miller: “By applying an appropriate fee to the billionaires of gambling, we can lower taxes for citizens and small businesses, which in this period are in deep trouble because of the crisis”.