Pokerstars has officially launched a fantastic new service called Zoom Poker, reserved for the time and money to nano stakes virtual fake. The famous poker room is excited to introduce this new service that aims to increase the players’ experience with the poker tables.

This new service or better to say the game is very similar to Rush Poker from Full Tilt Poker product, allows players who have folded or seen a showdown to keep playing at another table.

As recorded on the official website, the Zoom Poker is the fastest format of ring games, the gameplay remains unchanged unlike their opponents who are changing constantly. You will have the opportunity to participate with several opponents instead of confronting the same in each hand.

Currently you can only play with virtual money and fake nano stakes, practically speaking, only 2 cents higher level for both the No Limit Hold Em for the Pot Limit Omaha. As icing on the cake, PokerStars has decided to introduce a new version of the game server called Fast Poker because of its performance that is much faster than the previous version.

What do you expect? Pokerstars awaits you!