Today we at casino online bets, we want to share with you the history and evolution of gambling. Where did it come from? When was it created?

Gambling comes from the Arabic az-Zahr, which means nuts. For gambling is defined as a type of game where it is required to play the betting money or other property, in fact, according to tradition, the odds must be paid within 24 hours. Due to numerous problems that have arisen in society, in many countries gambling is prohibited.

The gambling was forbidden in the Middle Ages when the church called the nuts as a diabolical invention, but in 500 the company began to accept this type of game, so the first lotteries were born, most of the time the funds ended up in boxes State. In Genoa in the sixteenth century arose the famous lotto game that everyone knows before arriving in 1638 and the first real casino in Venice. In 1830 with the closure of many casinos and lotteries, there was an influx of illegal immigrants in the country that led to the evolution of gambling in 1906 until the creation of the first slot machines.

Today, gambling can be considered as a real illness that so many people came to spend the full salary to play. In countries that support it, legalized gambling is operated by the state as well as concessions, games rooms and e so so. Online Casinos that are born in the present generation have many types of games including Roulette, Black Jack, Slot Machines, Video Poker and the famous nuts to name a few.

Each game has its rules official may vary slightly depending on the version of the casino. Unfortunately, as once again today, there are individuals who propose the best players or those who are sick and can not help but play, new game types that promise more and more expensive of course winnings never arrive, just to make a Examples include the many variants of the lottery that exist.

How many people will spend money in dedicated buildings or tobacco? We at online casino bets as always we advise you to only play at casinos that have specialized licenses AAMS to avoid legal problems of various kinds.