A launch with a bang as you will, for the poker room Sbancatutto.it the famous People’s Poker Network, which has decided to give all those who enroll as many as 40% rakeback on cash games for a whole month!

Both the High Stakes Cash Games that will benefit from the month of March and April 40 cents per bonus rake, you can usually get this kind of bonuses are at high levels in the VIP System. As the Godfather an offer you can not refuse, after all, is not every day that have access to so substantial bonus usually reserved for VIPs.

Obviously, in order to gain more subscribers as possible, a new poker room must always find the grip as you say, the pretext, something that makes the throat to the players not only to spur them to join but also to participate. With all the poker rooms that are on the Web, many may be wary of the register in the new poker room, so you have to give them a reason to do so.

What do you think of this fantastic initiative? As with any poker room, the stay is not mandatory, which means that you can always deactivate your account. We pokerprofblog we recommend registering at least 1 month and try to redeem this bonus, then decide what to do.

In your comments on this new poker room, please release your personal thoughts on the matter.