Winga poker, is pleased to announce a very interesting initiative which provides a mount guaranteed prize of € 250 000 € of which 40 thousand euros only for first place.

You like to win easy? Then Winga Poker is the solution! To participate in this initiative will need to qualify for the freeroll satellites or no later than April 1, 2012. Let’s see in detail what it is:

At the event to be held in April, Winga has created a nice game, the goal is to eliminate Rocco and Vito Palumbo Planeta, Winga Pro team. On them there is a size of 500 €. If you will be eliminated without winning will still receive a ticket from 100 € to play on Sunday DEEP Master if falls within the last 50 qualified.

The poker room also known, he rewards his players will be able to get out of the hundreds (in terms of location) with a ticket to play at the Masters Deep Sunday, Sunday of the tournament room at Ongame. In short, an opportunity that you just can not refuse. Just find and delete the Pro Winga to win 500 € bonus + the mountain prize of 40 thousand euros.