In Craps, addictive game that you find in all the best casino online and live, one of the key things is to know the odds of the dice. To win at dice is necessary to master craps odds and bet accordingly. To become familiar with the odds of craps, there are two tips for you: the first is to read our guide to the probabilities of the dice. The second, to carry on with the online casino games for free before playing for real money.


Before analyzing in detail the probability of the dice, it is important to summarize the different possible bets: – Pass Line Bet – made before the come out roll, the Pass Line bet is “in favor” of the player: you bet that a 7 to be released or 11. - Do not Pass Line Bet – opposite of Pass Line bet is “against” the player, hoping to leave a 2, 3 or 12. - How to Bet – Works like the Pass Line, but after it was established that the point – Do not Come Bet – Opposite of bet Like – Odds Bet – bet you can add to the previous case it is established that the point now We rehearsed the rules for craps bet, we’re ready to go into details of the probabilities of craps and learn everything there is to know to win at dice.

There are more possibilities, pulling two dice, leaving a seven (6 of 36) or eleven (2 of 36) rather than a 2, 3 or 12 (total 4 of 36). So, for example, according to the odds of craps pass line bet is more advantageous than the do not pass line, though, to be honest, the fact that a bait is even more likely. Indeed, there are 24 chances in 36 that the game goes ahead after the come out roll.

House edge

As in all casino games, the chances that a real number does not come out exactly reflect in your winnings: the casino because it ensures their profits by paying slightly less than expected based on the actual odds of craps. Therefore we advise that the odds bets, ie bets that can add to your pass line bet / don ‘t pass line and your like / don’ t like and do not give any advantage to the casino. At the same time, we do not recommend betting on individual shots and field bets, as are those with the highest house edge. The stakes pass / don ‘t pass and like / don’ t keep on as it is for an acceptable level (1.41%).