Since Keno is a game of chance, there’s not much you can do to increase their chances of winning, but there are still ways to win more and more often and for less money to risk.

Make the most of each episode

If you choose only one or two numbers, the ticket costs very little, but there are also little chance of winning big money. It is best to choose a few numbers, say between six and eight, so as to avoid having to spend too much, yet to win a good prize. Choose numbers with a calm, unhurried: so you can enjoy every turn, instead of playing automatically and simply use your money to disappear every time you lose or go see them when you’re lucky enough to win. Do not play like I was an automaton, but as a person who reasons.

Use a system of money management

In many games based on the case, money management systems, such as the Martingale, the strategies are considered. The Martingale system requires the player doubles his bet whenever he loses. This system does not work in case of Keno, so do not even try to adopt it, because in this game you can double your bet and even if we could not lead to a doubling of the winnings. In Keno, what is important to know about money management is that you only spend what you want to spend, nothing more, nothing less.

How to choose the numbers to play

All numbers have an equal probability of being selected. It seems absurd, but a two, three, four or five have the same chance of a seven, eighteen, twenty-three, thirty, thirty, everything is in hand to the case. If you have any lucky numbers, choose those. Who knows, maybe it’s your lucky day. If you think that thirteen is a lucky number, avoid it. If the same number has already released three times in a row, could be extracted again or not. It does not matter what happened before. If you believe that what happened before can change what happens next, you’re wrong. Everything is random in this game and each draw is independent from the previous one. Sometimes, you can “feel” due out a number: in that case, follow your instinct, sometimes it guesses.

When you stop playing

If you spent all the money you had set out to spend, which means it is time to leave the casino. Stop playing if you double the money in your pocket you started or you’re sad about how much money you lost. If you think you can win playing again, “just once”, you absolutely must get away from the casino, because that is a sign that you’re chasing your losses and that is how you lose large sums of money.