It ‘s over the free ride for those who play and win large sums of money, but clash with the tax return. The financial police decided to sift through as you say, accounts for the Online Casino in hunting down tax evaders.

The move mountains against illegal strike mainly the gambling industry, the series, you win and do not declare? I suspect you have an account and not the state? You are prosecuted according to law. The handcuffs as well as a hefty fine are ready to shoot, starting from Umbria and the time in other regions of Italy.

Players to be taxed for the first are those who play and win in casino and poker room where AAMS without government regulation also seems to have spotted Mountains that link all the Italian players on the international online casino who do not pay taxes in our country. Under the new legislation under preparation, will be fined so that the salty sea water compared is as sweet as cotton candy.

All financial institutions that are banks, post offices and how much more, are obliged by law to disclose to the State Monopoly transitions made ​​to unauthorized sites. And ‘The times dell’imbroglio, the evader will be punished in an exemplary way!