Six days of bluff and hands more or less fortunate, three thousand players from around the world and only one winner, the thirty-one danish Yannick Wrang that, after a game-ending went on for over 14 hours in a row, won the eighth edition of the European Poker Tour and a prize of 640.000 euros. At the second place the American Olivier Busquet, eventually got up from the card table with 430.000 euros.

For the Italian players, Stefano Puccilli (he finished 7th place) released almost immediately notice in the final eight with 71,500 euros. Who won for sure is the CEO of the casino, Carlo Pagan. “A significant segment of players have found themselves in an environment that has been able to exert on a different age and younger than traditional casino players a powerful lure.  The impact is positive for the casino, which has been an overall increase, both for the territory, which has enjoyed an international showcase. We got special appreciation from the Russian players that we hope to soon have a new guest in our facility”.

Here are the final standings with the players and the prizes. 1°: Yannick Wrang (Dan), 640.000 euro, 2°: Olivier Busquet (USA) 430.000 euros, 3°: Fabrice Soullier (Fra) 240.000, 4°: Balazs Botond (Ung) 157.000, 5°: Koen De Visscher (Bel) 124.000, 6°: Mario Nagel (Ger) 92.000, 7°: Stephen Puccilli (Ita) 71.500 euros, 8°: Robin Ylitalo (Swe) 54.000 euros