The U.S. president has given his opinion in favor of a project with 5 billion dollars to create a new way of communication that can reach Las Vegas and its casinos.

Las Vegas is a must for all tourists who visit Los Angeles and San Francisco. In the future, however, travelers may have another way to get to the casinos of Las Vegas, as well as car and plane: construction of a new high speed rail was sponsored by Obama.

The company should take care of the project, the DesertXpress, could receive a huge subsidy, amounting to nearly $ 5 billion. The goal is to reach a greater number of tourists in the casinos of Las Vegas to help economic recovery.

From the estimates it seems that only during the first year of the new railway would be more than 5 million passengers willing to pay $ 50 for traveling at 150 miles per hour from Victorville (in the Mojave Desert) to Las Vegas, for a time distance of 84 minutes.
But not everyone is enthusiastic about the project: Thomas Finkbiner University of Denver believes the project “crazy. People do not take the car for having to take the train.” Of the same opinion Hasan Ikhrata of the Southern California Association of Governments: “There is no high-speed train in the world that operates without subsidy. It would be a waste of money.