Women love to gamble more than men: it reveals a survey by British online casino Roxy Palace. A spokesman for the virtual casino (not reachable from Italy) and has over 100 thousand members in the UK alone, has announced that the main reasons why a growing number of women playing online is that this mode offers a wide variety of products and is very comfortable.

“Historically, gambling is linked to masculine image, especially as regards land-based casinos. But in recent years we have noticed that there is a growing number of women who play on our site. There are more games than the past and it is likely that this variety has led to a wider audience of players who access the site than they did just a few years ago. I think that many players, especially women, the thought of entering a land-based casino is a little ‘fear, but playing online from the comfort of your own home are able to enjoy the same excitement without the hassles associated with the game land. The fact that women have proved to bet higher amounts than men is particularly interesting because is usually thought to be males, fueled by testosterone, betting more. This may be due to the fact that women choose to play only on a site, while men prefer to spread their playing multiple virtual providers”.

Statistics show that last year the number of women who have played online has increased by 20% and that 18% of them played more money than males. The women players are also more faithful to the chosen site than men: the chance to make multiple visits is 21%, and this may be the main reason for the higher average bet.