The game opens with the announcement by the dealer. The same is repeated to encourage players to bet and not wait until the last moment
The player can choose to point their tokens (required for simple bets) or return to the dealer. In this case we must place them on the table next to the dealer (never hand them in by hand) and announce the selected combination.
He repeated aloud by the combination you require while making it on the table.
Make sure he understood the game and the chips are placed properly.
Be very careful to follow the betting limits of the table if not delivered the chips to the dealer.

The dealer assigned to the boule collects the ball the door on the edge of the cylinder and the lance in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation of the roulette.
Players can even point, even in these hectic moments are concentrated many of those bets for superstitious reasons, because the dealer will play systems are late or why they play the last minute.

The announcement “Rien va plus” puts an end to betting, and freezing the situation on the table. The stakes can not be changed and the players do is wait until the end of the race of the ball.
Out number the dealer places a placeholder (called dolly or markers) on the table at the number rolled. Any winning ads accepted and placed last, are placed in areas related to then be paid.
The dealer collects the losing bets and hands all the leaves fall in a hole in the table where a machine collects and reorders.

Payment is in order starting from the simple combinations, followed by the double and then multiple combinations of six numbers to the full. The dealer pays the same color as the winning token and places it in front of the owner.
For value-based instead on the simple and double combinations, the payment is made by placing the winning side of the bet, the player must ensure the proper payment of any “long hands” who steal the win unfair.
The payment is the chance for multiple calls. The dealer announces the combination to ask the owner to identify and proceed to payment.
After paying the dealer removes the marker and you can start a new installment.Important: you can not pick winning bets from the table until the dealer did not remove the placeholder.