In about two years from its regulation, poker online with cash prizes has been growing steadily. There are many web sites which offer a poker room or online casino. Here’s how the welcome bonus and what they offer some of the most popular online gambling sites.

In Europe, when you create a game account, the majority of the poker room offers the opportunity to enjoy the welcome bonus: it is a sum of money proportional to the amount of first deposit will be credited to either immediately or shortly little about your gaming account. Another bonus is usually tied to the “loyalty points” that are accumulated by playing at a particular site. The points are derived from the sum of fees paid for tournaments and bonuses are converted to the achievement of a certain threshold.

To evaluate the convenience of a bonus than another, and so choose the best online poker room where you start playing, there are four parameters to consider:
1) The maximum amount of money that the site will give us a bonus (some go as high as 500 euros);
2) The percentage of bonuses compared to the first payment;
3) The amount of points to get to unlock the bonus;
4) The period available to us to earn and redeem the full bonus.

Particularly important is also the question of “loyalty points” to unlock the bonus money is credited to regular increases every time you get a certain number of points, which always varies from site to site, but we will generally not more than two or three months to get this offer.
The more experienced players are very careful with these offerings – the welcome bonuses, promotions, combined with the second or third deposit, loyalty points, with extra bonuses like “has a friend” and the payment method selected.

The choice of poker room should be a careful and thoughtful evaluation: Our suggestion is to always go to read the reviews offered by sites that deal with online games and read carefully the site of the game session in promotions andbonus offered, to always have an optimal framework for the management of offers and bonuses.