It ‘another variant for the fans of” Hold’em and Omaha 8 / b. If you want to make the game more spicy, try the version or kill Half-Kill. Basic / the stakes increase when someone wins two consecutive hands. These games are very popular, but it can be confusing, better take a look at how they work.

To Kill or Not To Kill

To play successfully, you need to know what it is a ‘kill’ and when it occurs. The ‘kill’ is a two-step process. First, someone has to win the whole pot (all mail is not part of the dish or side dishes). And the size of the pot (before it is taken) must be equal to or greater than 5 times the amount deposited by the Big Blind (big blind). For example, in a game with limits $ 2 / $ 4 big blind is $ 2 then the pot should be at least $ 10 (5 x $ 2 = $ 10) because the rule applies. If this occurs, in front of the player who has won you place a button. This button is called the ‘kill’ part. To receive this button in Omaha 8 / b, the player must brush the plate (ie win both the high and low hands). Many call button of the ‘half-kill’ but we will see this later on.

The button of ‘partial kill’ indicates that if this player wins the next hand we have a Kill game and the stakes will be higher! But for this to happen again, that player will win the whole pot, which must amount to not less than 5 times the value of the big blind, just as before to get the button of ‘partial kill’. So be careful!

Continuing with the example above. It ‘a game for $ 2 / $ 4 and you have just won your second consecutive valid hand. The blind (small blind) is $ 1, $ 2 big blind, and you – as a player that kill blind – put $ 4. Since you have already bet $ 4, the minimum bet to cover the mail will now be $ 4. Even if you’re the small blind or big blind, Will you aim still $ 4 and the other players will have to cover at least $ 4 to stay in the game. It ‘s important to know that the game is played in turns, as in every other game (some game rooms mean that the kill blind is last to act). The rest of the hand is played with limits $ 4 / $ 8. This continues until the player with the button Kill NOT win the entire pot. When it is not yet made the kill, the stakes are restored to regular levels. And, if no button has the partial kill, it recedes to the center of the table.