Robert De Niro will appear on billboards at the Paradise Walker Hill Casino, Korea. The management of the casino wants to exploit the image of someone who played the famous character Sam Rothstein in the movie ‘Casino’.

Movie fans will remember ‘Casino‘, the 1995 film in which Robert De Niro wore the shoes of Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein, the gambler incredible talent that was appointed director of the Tangiers casino in Las Vegas, triggering a series of events consequences more or less sensational. Starting from casino profits, which doubled with Rothstein.

At the Paradise Walker Hill Casino, in Korea, must have thought that the miracle of Tangiers film could be repeated in real life. So they contacted the famous actor of Italian descent, to suggest to do a testimonial.

On billboards, De Niro appears dressed just as he used to dress the character he played in the film by Martin Scorsese: elegant black suit, white shirt and bow tie. On billboards, the actor is holding a deck of cards and invites visitors to come and play at the Paradise Walker Hill Casino.

Robert De Niro is not the first actor of international fame to lend itself to an advertisement for an operator of gambling. Even Nicholas Cage, for example, was ambassador to Japan a kind of pinball / slot machine that has had some success.