The legendary Rio Casino in Las Vegas was the scene of a shooting. Last Sunday two local gangs have decided to battle it in the parking lot of one of theholy places for people who love poker. There fled the dead, but by pure chance.

Fortunately, the shooting took place outside in the parking lot of the casinos, while safeguarding their clients in the gaming rooms. At about 4:00 on Sunday, thefirefight began between the two gangs, and two servants employed in a night clubnext door, heard the gunshots, immediately intervened to quell the feud.

Fortunately, the customers are not impressed with the casino, only the terror of living a similar experience, but some characters are stranded. In three ended upat University Medical Center, but the two gangs have also opened fire in the courtyard of the University Medical Center, where at that time, there were more than 40 people (5 casualties).

The theme of safety in Las Vegas, is now increasingly debated. The police, in fact, have provided ”zero tolerance“ for such manifestations of violence,especially in the vicinity of the Rio Casino, which, within a few months, will host the biggest event of the year that will gather thousands of poker players and patronsfrom around the world.

Vegas as many American cities must cope with the growth of criminality linked to gang warfare. Crime whose violence hardly surprising, and goes up to more central areas of the metropolis. The ”Sin City” is no exception, indeed there are many rival gangs. These include the famous ”Wood Gang”, one of the most feared by the leadership of Rio ahead of the WSOP 20.