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Betting in Texas Hold’em

by monica - on Apr 30th 2012

The first round of betting in Texas Hold’em takes place immediately after the distribution. The first player to act will be the one that takes place to the left of the Big Blind. With the exception...

How to play American Roulette

by monica - on Apr 25th 2012

American roulette cylinder is composed of a fixed part and a movable part that rests on ball bearings. In the fixed part (concave) are positioned lozenges (small diamonds) alternating in vertical and...

Trente et quarante

by monica - on Apr 24th 2012

Trente et quarante is one of the oldest French card games, even born at the court of Charles VI of France in the late fourteenth century. It was introduced in major European casinos in the late nineteenth...

Poker Strategy: The styles of play in Texas Hold’em Poker

by shadowx24 - on Apr 23rd 2012

How many of you think that in a game is just a dose of luck to win? It is not wrong, butthis thought is not enough to win. Today we talk about the different styles of play that you can...

Hot to play Chemin de fer

by monica - on Apr 23rd 2012

Chemin de fer is a game very similar to Baccarat for scores and cards, but differs as regards the conduct of the game. The players, usually eight, are arranged in a circle along the table; the sense...

Poker Strategy: Getting the most from online rakeback

by shadowx24 - on Apr 22nd 2012

Today we offer one of the strategies of poker’s most interesting about the rakeback, which many call a hindrance to the growth of some players. In practice there are players who blame the rakeback...

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