Today we want to casinoonlinebets explain the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker and scores, this article could be very useful if you came back you are going to play this type of game or better variant of the popular card game Poker.

The rules of the Caribbean are very similar to 5 card stud poker variant. The only difference is that players will not play each other but against the house known as the dealer. At the beginning of each game, players must make a forced bet on the bench. The bank will distribute 5 cards face down to each player and himself but the last will be uncovered.

Players must choose whether to continue playing or leave based on the opportunities. Those who decide to play on the counter will make another bet that this time is called Raise it will be worth twice the ante. After all players have made ​​their decisions, the dealer will reveal the hole cards. Those who decided to continue will compare their findings with those cards. The player with the best cards in hand than the banker wins the victory.

If the dealer does not have a high hand or a hand with an Ace or a Kappa, must declare no hand. In this case, all players will be reimbursed based on the value of the Ante which we have discussed previously. Otherwise the game will proceed rather regularly. It must be said that in the Caribbean Stud Poker is also a Jackpot. To win this special bonus, players must enter into a special slot on the table as required.

A simple game, fast, intuitive and fun, suitable for audiences of any age group, the rules are very simple as you can see for yourself. We hope that the article was to your liking, please stay tuned for all the news about the world of Online Casinos and Games.