Today we want talking about the rules and strategy of crap, famous casinò games we hope that this article help you to learn how play at this game and how you can win in easy mode.


For each round, players make a bet on the dice to be launched by the current player, will be launched on the area opposite the table, the first shot is defined onset. If the value of that roll is a 7 or 11, the pass line bet wins if this value is 2.3 or 12 you dont pass the bet to win.

If the value goes from 4 to 10 7, except of course, it is given as a score to the player, the dealers at the table put a record on the number of the specific table, the shooter continues rolling the dice until he leaves the number allocated to his score. If the point number is thrown, then those who bet on the pass line win or you loose.

The type of pass line bets are the most easy to win when you bet on the pass line means that the end result will be a 7 or 11 in the come-out roll if the shooter rolling the dice that gives the numerical value of the bet done is doubled, otherwise you lose all the value bet.

Do not pass bets are exactly the opposite, referring to the values 2.3 and 12, then in the event of leaving the values of the pass dont pass out if it loses or vice versa a value that is not included in either precendetemente bets as we told you, the player who threw the dice is scored and has the ability to pull back. At first glance it seems to be a difficult game to understand but you will notice that playing is really very simple.


There are many strategies for nuts but now we want to illustrate what we consider fundamental to be followed to the letter if you want to succeed in this game. A concept that you need to learn and keep in mind that the odds of winning vary launch launch. In the dice, as in every other game is better and highly recommended not doing the same point, I think that always bet the same amount will lead to victory over time is wrong.

One of the methods used in the nuts is marginal, but what is it? This strategy should double your bet every time you lose in this way if you win you part with your budget in the initial episode, a highly dangerous advice that could lead to losing everything in a short time, so if you are sure that luck turns this strategy on your side you otherwise ignore it.

Manage your bets is very important, it is easy to get out of hand large sums of money when you play, the more you win, the more you play to win or you lose more and more you play to recover what was lost, unfortunately this the concept is related to gambling, betting handle could result in long-lived in tournaments or friendly matches. Another strategy by which I conclude is the smart bet. Focusing on numbers that statistically speaking are more likely to exit as in the case of 6 and 8.

Let’s recap what was said:

1.Marginal Strategy
2.Manage bets
3.Intelligently bets

these are the three major strategies of the game of Craps.