Yesterday we have talking about the story of slots, today we want talk about the rules of this type of games. Slots are most popular game and is most used in all the world and casinò.

The rules of slots are very simple. You just have choose which type of machine do you want use to play. After you have chose it you can start. For most choose the slot machine is based on the monetary value. In other worlds how much you want spend for play in word of coin?

A lot of slots required 5 coin for play. After you have put the money you can begin to play. Much slot machines have a fake bar and offer the old feshioned look. You also need to understand the combinations you are looking for know when you can win the jackpot. Online slots are similar. They are based on the random computer program. One the jackpot is won the computere will reset it for the next player.

Most of online slot machines games offer 97 percent win rate making them more attractive. Choose the slot machines because have got good design is not righe choise. All the SL are the same, change design, change theme or sound, but the rules is the same. You must press the botton when you feel that is right moment.

If you obtain the right image you win the jackpot. Tomorrow we will write strategy for wins. Dont lost it! In the strategy article you can read all the tips and tricks for win in this type of game or just learn to play in different mode. We hope that you like own news about casinò games and we invite you to follow us every day for news about this wonderful world.

Thanks a lot and happy fun with slot machines.