Tic Tac Toe mixes Texas Hold’em and the classic ‘tris’: To play this poker game will use almost all the rules of Texas Hold’em. Each player is dealt two private cards: who wins in the end will have the highest poker combination of opponents, just as happens in all versions of high our favorite game.

First, ‘tic tac toe’ is none other than the way in which the British call the “big trio”, consisting of a square with nine boxes and whose aim is to score three identical symbols to form a row, column, or a diagonal. And it is here that comes in the mixture of poker and tris.

The rules of Poker Tic Tac Toe predict that the three classic street dealer that time in Texas Hold’em (flop, turn and river) are replaced by three columns consisting of three cards each, so that at the end on the table there is a grid of three columns and three rows of cards (remember that the pattern formation of tris). After the hand, players may choose to combine their two hole cards in any row, column or diagonal.

Here, as every flop, players must perform all the “operations” to set up Turn where the dealer, unlike many other variants, will have three more cards to the right of the vertical ones already on the table. Spent rounds of betting and raises the turn, the dealer will deal three cards of the latest River to the right of the previous two rows, forming a “square” composed of nine cards. Here players will give their best because if, to form the highest point will be used in addition to the three horizontal rows, including the three vertical rows and the two oblique form the “square” of cards on the table!

Obviously it takes a lot of skill to know when is the best place to choose from (eight are the likely combinations of cards on the table) but, in addition to “mastermind”, the Tic Tac Toe Poker is definitely fun to play. In fact, thanks to this broad range of possible combinations, will be for sure “embarrassed” to see how many types of points able to form in one hand