The famous poker room “Betpro“ has decided to implement a very interesting initiative,especially if you’re new poker players in the field or in Betpro.

What is? How does it work? Discover it with us!

Betpro recognize all the players who make a first deposit bonus of 100% of the amount paid for a maximum of 600 € (fiuuu) not bad! How does it work? Simple! The bonus will be awarded will be unlocked through the accumulation of a number of points or commonly called Betpro Shop Points BSP.

How do I get points? You will not have to do is play with real money in Sit & Gotournaments, cash games and so on forth. The question arises, how many points are needed to unlock a bonus? You just have to see the table that we present below,depending on the share bonus payments varies.

- 10 € bonus need to have accumulated 1,600 BetPro Shop Points
- 20 € bonus need to have accumulated 3,200 BetPro Shop Points
- 30 € bonus need to have accumulated 4,800 BetPro Shop Points

The offer is limited! Guests are invited to a maximum of 90 days to accumulate thenecessary points to unlock the bonus by playing sit & go and so on after saying”Goodbye Bonus” of course you get the bonus may be combined, the credit is made by and no more than a week job which means’ Saturday and Sunday “excluded!

E ’can consult your balance BetPro Points through the relevant section in the PokerClient BetPro. As soon as you reach the amount required to unlock the bonus, you will not have to do is send a message requesting the bonus, after careful analysis of youraccount, start the process of accreditation, which can vary depending on time of year.

Excluding weekends and holidays as we have already said. What do you expect? Thebetpro poker bonus awaits only you will be able to access it?