Not even a year has passed since the online casino games and poker cash games became legal in Italy. Yet, the data of 2011 show that we have put little to change the habits of the Italian game.

Nearly 6.7 billion for the online poker cash game, more than 2.4 billion casino games, a total that breaks through the wall of the 9 billion. These results of the two most important news of 2011 for the gaming industry. News that together accounted for almost two-thirds of online play.

We speak of 62.6%, ie 6.1 billion on 9.8 that the Italians have spent playing online (the numbers are different because it’s different to talk about “gathering” and “expenditure”). If it’s online poker cash game to lord it, played with 4.6 billion, followed by the poker tournament with 2.25, the online casino match with 1.5 billion.

Since online casinos have been able to rely on just over five months, you could expect to overtake on the poker tournament as early as 2012. In any case, summing the results with those of the so-called poker online casino games, we arrive at 7.6% of total deposits of the gambling market in Italy.

Frightening figures, probably intended to be consolidated during 2012, with excellent growth prospects. Particularly with regard to online casinos, if you really (and finally) in a few months should be introduced slot machines online.